Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Eco-friendly bacteria

Friday December 19, 2008

THE Penang Government have been using effective micro-organisms (EM) more commonly known as ‘friendly bacteria’ to overcome foul smells in animal farms since August.

State Local Government, Traffic Management and Environment Committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow said this was the part of its move to rid the state of the Darul Sampah (rubbish haven) tag.

He said EM had been widely used in Japan since the early 1990s and had proven to be successful.

Chow said a task force called Penang Government Initiative for Environmental Management (PGI-EM) had been set up to oversee the usage of EM in the state.

“The successful application of EM in animal farms with the assistance of the Veterinary Services Department has spurred the state to continue promoting EM technology,” he said before launching the PGI-EM inaugural environmental campaign at Hunza Sales Gallery in Penang yester-day.

He urged the people, corporations and non-governmental organisations to join the state government in raising the state’s cleanliness level by participating in programmes initiated by PGI-EM.

PGI-EM committee member Soo Lee Choo, who was responsible for bringing in the technology, said EM broke down harmful micro-organisms and certain toxins that emited foul odour.

He said the environment-friendly substance was suitable for farms and oxidation ponds and could be used to treat water and rehabilitate rivers.

“It can be applied through various means including spraying and diluting it in water. It can be turned into mud balls which are then dropped into foul-smelling rivers.

“The foul smell will be greatly reduced in three days. There will be more aquatic life in the rivers in three months,” he said.

At the launching, Hunza Pro-perties Bhd and International Real Estate Federation Penang branch adopted Sungai Kelian in Batu Ferringhi under its sustainable environmental project.

Chow said Golden Sands Resort had also expressed their interest to help clean up Sungai Mas next to the resort, using EM techno-logy.

“We have also carried out environment improvement programme at animal farms.

“We have drawn up a reha- bilitation plan for Sungai Dondang in Paya Terubong. We will start with cleaning up rivers with community participation before moving on to more problematic areas,” he said.


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